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This kind of Mod Tool is very good! But what about you place it on the Borsky Mod. So everyone can use it Colors and Mods

It's a really great fork of bitsy and I really wish it was the official one! 😀 I'm just hoping it will be updated to current bitsy version to take advantage of all official engine fixes...

When you swap to 16x16 the avatar stays 8x8 no matter what you do. Apart from that, great tool!

This can be fixed by changing the sprite size in the game data, it’s really weird though.

i know this was months ago but what line do i change?


I don’t use bitsy all that much anymore, but I still remember this.

So go to the avatar sprite data, copy the data, add a comma to the last line of the sprite data, then on a new line right after the data, paste the sprite data.

thank you lol


if anyone wants to have a downloaded version of this, go to

and find this page then download! boom. download version


i love this so much

It's amazing but had the same problem as alienhexfriend. The first room was fine but when I started building in multiple rooms big chunks of what I had made would disappear if I left and then went back to it. 

this is gonna take a bit to pin down if it isn't fixed after we update the local storage keys

i love it a lot, but it must have bugs, i started something with it not realizing its a brand new tool and my code keeps getting all messed up ;-; 

can you give us any more details? did you have vanilla bitsy open as well?

im super new to this stuff but i think it definitely is something with adding/working in new rooms outside the initial one...and maybe the adding endings/exits box... i just save a lot now but it froze a couple times when i was adding rooms and that stuff i hope this is helpful hhh i try to not have 2 many tabs open cos im working on a chromebook (lmao) but it did work better when i didnt have any other bitsy versions open and i was able to salvage like 90% of wat i thought i lost earlier, so thats good <3 

Oh god, thank you :3